Scanner Radio Deluxe App Reviews

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Wondering why its Down?

BEST scanner ever, just wondering why its failing to load anything tonight? Keeps coming up "failure"I hope you get it up and running again!!?


Why all of a sudden does my county not work anymore it says offline! Will it ever be back online

Works now

Its fixed

Poor in Brown County, Wis

The quality is very poor in Brown County, Wis. many transmissions are just static. Many audible transmissions are so garbled they are incomprehensible.

Does not work

I downloaded this app to my iPhone 6 I use for work, no matter what I do it says "unable to connect" for every channel. Absolutely worthless app, deleting immediately to not waste space on my phone.

Chat please!

This app works, legit hear something happen then I go to this app and what ya know its going down, but the developers have to implement a chat!!!!!


Local station offline


Can you pls update this app my County is not on this app Wharton police

My Favorite App Of All Time

Love My Scanner App The Top App On My Phone


I am very, very, very Unsatisfied with your app! I am living in Chicago and there wasnt a cook County weather Radio Illinois on there for several months. I like to say that it was missing for two years, maybe longer! Please put back that weather radio and then, I will give you those five stars that you deserve!!!!!!!!!! Exclamation mark! Exclamation! Inserted!!!!!!!!!!

Scanner liker...

I dont know whats going but the scanner went "offline for Albuquerque PD!! Whats up w/ that??!! Can you fix the issue??? Much appreciation!! Sincerely MBO

Still the best scanner app

Stable with great notification preferences. Selfishly, Id love a UI update to support larger iPhone screens. But its still worth five stars.

Best, and Ive tried the rest.

Most functional, easiest to use. Clean, implement design. I like getting alerts when a channel gets 3000+ listeners. Ive downloaded every scanner, tried them, and deleted every one but this.

Your feed is down? Please read this:

This app (same as all the scanner apps, except this is the best!) is only intended to offer a convenient user interface so that you can easily search for, access, set alerts, listen, etc. to the audio feeds which all come from broadcastifydotcom. If your audio feed goes down, you may go to broadcastify and make a report. You will need to become a member to do this. Sometimes a feed may close and another will open to take its place so try searching for an alt first. Remember, all these feeds come from individuals who voluntarily use their own equipment and time to broadcast out so be kind and grateful. You will also find information at broadcastify and online on how to set up and run a feed if you dont have one in your area. Be prepared to spend time and $$ on equipment. It is a big commitment.


The feeds worked perfectly for a while until my dept and a few others started getting radio traffic from god knows where

No longer there

How do you get your local town back on here, its used be here


Good when not off line. Offline a lot!!!

Channel request

Would like to see Onondaga county public safety come back always listened to it because I live in area and am a firefighter but now I cant listen to the police side at least come back with a channel for police in Onondaga county

Good app.

I love to hear my local police and other services in my area.

Missing calls

What happened to the City of Buffalo, Erie County Sheriff police scanner??

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