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Always offline! My husband installed this on my phone so I can listen when he goes on calls and it’s always offline!!

I like it

I had this app for a few years now and it’s pretty cool. Being able to listen from everything all over the US. But recently some stations I haven’t been able to listen to anymore some reason like chp in Santa Clara county, or my home town police and fire. It’s either disconnect, not working at all but with a message repeat, or it just doesn’t connect. But it’s not just this app it’s with other police scanner apps but my overall with this app is all 100%👍


I really enjoy this app. I’ve tried other kinds before but nothing compares to this. It’s easily accessible to your favorite station and clear communication. I downloaded the app so when my boyfriend gets called out (Fire/EMS) I can listen and put my mind at ease instead of wondering what’s going on. I highly recommend this app to others 😊

Great app meets the need for a scanner.

No issues listen to top stations for nationwide events that only a scanner can bring.

You could do better

Best app out there because it’s the only one that is fully working. Now when your on a station in your county it’s hit and miss with this app you hear some then you don’t hear jack compared to a normal scanner. Now with technology and satellite I think you could do much better clarity on every channel other then that it’s the only app that works so obviously it’s going to be the best I’ve used.

Fix please

For some reason this has been offline for days now. Just want to know the reason

Review on App

Was my favorite app but now it will not work because our APD went to digital and it will not pick it up! Can you make something for digital scanners we can pick up! So disappointing!

The best police scanner

Still the best scanner. But usually I have been seeing north shore key up at the bottom of the app or I would see sheriff key up. Now it’s just saying broadcasting from Can u please fit it to see who keys up.

No. Sound

Ive always loved this app but now for my local fire dept cant hear nothing


Having issues with low volume

IOS version lacking

The Android version is much more complete. This is disappointing as a daily lister and using an apple device now.

Not worth it

All you hear is buzzing in the background or high pitch squealing.Its great if you could just fix this one bug because it will turn a lot of people away




Slut shaming your girlfriend in notifications? How old are you, 12? I hope Apple and your users ream you over this.

Not connecting

For some reason, update won’t allow it to connect. Keeps saying connecting/buffering but won’t connect. Also, I do not like this new version at all.

So while I have the app running...

...I’m talking to my son on the phone while he is at work, hear the tones in the background, he says “got a call, later!” and hangs up, and I have yet to hear the call come through in the app. This is not a one-off thing, the app continually mysteriously goes silent, then hours later suddenly springs back to life. Or not. *delete*

Scanner radio deluxe

This is an excellent app just wish it read it in landscape mode

Can’t connect!

It’s good when it works but having trouble with the app saying unable to connect.


Once you mute the sound there is no way to get it back without reinstalling.

Great app!

Although the UI & color scheme is pretty basic, the functionality is there! This app works where others easily stop working. I love it that this app has a sleep timer! That’s essential for any radio/scanner app I use. I’d love to see this app updated more frequently so it stays in the iTunes App Store.

Good app

Not a bad scanner but there are police and fire agencies that this scanner won’t pick up

Excellent, easy to use app!

The only thing that could make this app better is live chat so you can talk with other users to see what’s going on. That aside it works just as you’d expect an app like this to work, with most feeds being just a few seconds off from real time. If you’re one of those people who enjoy listening to police radio I highly recommend this app.

Great App but

Can you add more marine channel feeds including Seattle please.

Handy but one issue

The app helps when responding to calls because our pagers only get dispatch and not the truck to dispatch or truck to truck. So it helps to hear what is going on, BUT the sound is many times toooo low to hear clearly. Don’t know if there is anything that can be done, but that is the biggest problem I have with the app.

I think it’s a great app

I have used this app mainly locally. The only problem I have with it is when a situation occurs in another state, I have to look up the county where it is taking place. Not knowing the county where the city is located, slows me down from getting to the scanner area as fast as possible!

Doesn’t Work for Myself

Never Could Get it to Work

Not much for the area

Not a small town anymore but there’s nothing but the Sarasota fire department & Charlotte county that’s it. I’m going to check it out another time seif more available in area


Took away where I live and what matter to me!!!!

The only thing I wish is Apple CarPlay support

I love this app. But I wish it was Apple CarPlay compatible. My friend has a similar app on his android phone and he has a new car that has Apple CarPlay and android CarPlay and he can use the app on his car stereo with out a problem. He can view just about everything on it. So in conclusion I would like to see a future update that supports the Apple CarPlay feature. Thanks and keep up the great work on developing.

all feeds down!!

would be 5 but all your feeds are unasked to connect!!! fix asap! as i am a volunteer firefighter and use the app a lot!


Find some time an make an update to this app. Long over due!

Huge disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very, very, very Unsatisfied and disappointed with your app! I am living in Chicago and there wasn't a cook County weather Radio Illinois on there for several months. I like to say that it was missing for two years, maybe longer! Please put back that weather radio and please? That radio station was the only one that is in Illinois that was clear and not staticky. Do you Call it unstaticky? Before it was removed, then I would have you five stars. In all, very disappointing. I am 👿, 😲, 😧, ☹️, 😕, and 😔 at you.

Add more counties

I would like for Limestone County Alabama to be added

Great but one problem

This is great for convenience since I like to photograph trains it can tell me when one is near but however one issue I found is in one area both the railway and public safety are on the same radio. That seems kinda pointless since I’m just trying to hear where a train is and public safety budges in could you please separate these 2 otherwise fantastic app

App not working since update

All sites say “connecting” since update -can’t connect with any

Best App by far!

Amazing people work incredibly hard to maintain various feeds to keep this app up to date. They manage to stay on top of the constant changes and are incredibly responsive when a feed goes down. Kudos to the awesome people who keep this up and running!!


I have purchased this scanner and the feed i listen to keeps going off line or repeating calls then goes offline. Not happy about this.

incredible number of options

i bought the pro version to support development. the UI is clunky, though. too many swipes and taps to launch, get to favorites (why aren't they there on launch?) then one or two more to get the play button (why isn't this at the bottom of the favorites list, available on launch?) Could all be done on one screen, at least on my ipad.

Best Scanner Period

I have heard about every major event in the last year here far before any news outlet. Would like to see: -consistent audio recording while you listen to allow you to go back and pull something you heard or begin recording an event. -chat rooms in each scanner channel to allow users to discuss events.

Love the app, confused as to todays update.

Got an update today to the app, but it appears to be from Mar 2016. Not sure if its an issue with my phone or something else. App works perfectly though so cant complain.

Awesome app but...

Hey man, the app is awesome but you need to program scanners with 800mhz. I don’t got a grand to go out and buy a 800mhz scanner. My city upgraded over the summer and still waiting for you to upgrade the program for 800mhz. Please program for 800Mhz channels.

Talk button

Can you add a talk button so people can talk into the scanner


Recently the city of New York changed frequencies. At this time all of the boros on the app are broadcasting Manhattan. Could you please look into this and hopefully make adjustments. Thank you.

Static static static

More often than not, all you can hear is static. The volunteer keeps his speaker too close to mic? Have reported to them but problem persists. Going back to 5-0

Doesn’t list all feeds

Comparing to 5-0 Radio, Scanner seems to miss some feeds, example check Adams County Colorado on both apps, you’ll see that 5-0 Radio shows more than Scanner.

Stopped working after ios10.0.3

Worked great after updating iOS no audio on any channels none of the COLUMBIA County pa works now

Portrait Mode!

It would be great if on the next update you could have the app go to portrait mode as well the phone mode,thanks.

Really useful

It's really useful when I was on the fire department, the calls on the scanner are just few seconds after when every one gets dispatched. I would recommend it to any first responders.

Avid listener

I love this app but for some reason on my iPad and iPhone there doesn't appear to be a push notifications option so I get be notified of events like last nights shooting in Las Vegas .. Anyone know how to enable push notifications on these devices ?

App won’t work

App won’t work on iPhone 5S. I still get notifications. Just says “Connecting “ but it never does. And there is no Pro version to buy either.

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